Born and raised all over this country (no I was not a military kid) I found a home when I set foot on the University of Wisconsin Campus. I spent the next four years pretending to be an athlete, majoring in partying, while trying to fit in school. It all worked out in the end now that I have turned my everyday conversation with those friends into what we are calling a podcast.

Currently living in Chicago in the shadows of Wriggly Feild, that I want to burn to the ground.

Fan of:

  • Badgers
  • Bears
  • Bulls
  • White Sox
  • Blackhawks

What else do you need?



Born and raised with an everything Wisconsin Fan; Badgers, Packers, Brewers, Bucks. During my time at Wisconsin, I realized that one of the best parts of being a student is the comradery that comes along from the shared experiences, but most notably of rooting for the Badgers. With this podcast, I am hoping that we can continue sharing such experiences with our Fellow Fans as we root for, or against, our teams.

Our Story

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