Well Game 1 of the NBA Finals was entertaining. The guys recap Games 1 & 2 and try to answer for what was J.R. Smith was doing. LeBron has some fashion statements to answer for. We take look at who took an L this past week. Pusha T vs Drake. Bryan Colangelo has way to many burnner Twiter accounts. Twitter goes wild over Roseanne. Marlow's breath is taken away by the Las Vegas Golden Knights pregame entertainment. Mailbag questions from our listeners where we had to do some research. Casey's Corner kick and much much more.

Show Notes:

Mailbag questions include:

  • What are the origins of golfing scoring terminology (eagle, birdie, albatross...) and why? Why are birds involved AT ALL?!?

  • My favorite play in football is the onside kick. What is yours?

  • Best place to stay when visiting Madison for the weekend? Why no more 'daa da da daaaaaa' at the beginning of your wonderful podcasts!?


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