NBA Playoffs are here and the guys talk first round matchup, how Westbrook is getting no pub, and the Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian saga. Breakdown of baseball fights. Dez says bye to Dallas. Still flying the eSports flag. Mailbag! The guys take questions from Fellow Fans.

Show Notes:

Mailbag questions include:

  • Should Joe Thomas have left Cleveland and gone somewhere where his career would’ve mattered or will his loyalty be more respected when he is sent to Canton?

  • Who is the real NBA MVP? Harden will win but does LeBron, Anthony Davis or Westbrook have legitimate beefs with that? Which team becomes the worst when any of those players are removed, is that what is most valuable material?

  • Mark Sanchez recently tested positive for a banned substance. What percentage of people actually knew he’s still in the NFL?

  • Will LiAngelo Ball get drafted? What’s the 132 Breese opinion on the Ball family?

  • In the age of digital media, would the And1 MixTapes be able to happen again?

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