I think we can all agree that this was what one would call Corny AF. I will never understand how news anchors and weathermen/women meteorologist find the corniest things laugh out loud funny. I hope for them and humanity its all an act, now please stop acting.

Now let’s break down our man’s performance.


I hope that Corey was just walking by the studio in the morning and they were like “hey Corey want to come check out the studio?” Being the sweet kind product of a University of Wisconsin educated man that he is he happily obliged and then they just trust him in front of the camera. I mean it’s not a bad look it’s just not the greatest. Take the jacket off stay awhile and what is going on with the lanyard type key chain hanging out of his pocket? I don’t put this all on Corey as he should of had guidance from the stylist at the newsroom.

B -

Weather Right Now

They did Corey dirty on the opening segment. Fox just put him in front of green screen and stuck a camera in his face while Sue Serio just backs away off camera. It was very remanence of when Corey was at full strength with the Badgers and he would be running wild to the end zone as DBs backed off because they wanted no piece of him. Corey gave it his best effort, his detailed analysis letting us all know “it’s going to rain” somewhere at some time, which is right on par with trained meteorologist he just gives it to us straight instead of trying to trick us by talking about Barometric pressure, Anticyclones, and Southern Oscillation to make us think they know what they are talking about.


7 Day Forecast

Corey really redeems himself in this segment and quite frankly put Sue in a body bag. He flawlessly informs us of what the actually weather is, makes it relatable, and gives fun ideas like go outside and put on your Sunday best. The slight mistake of trying to close out the the 5 day forecast was not his fault. Again Fox did him dirty by putting 5 days on the screen when clearly their should of been 7. Shame on you Fox.



What isn’t this guy good at? He is showing everyone that going undrafted was the biggest mistake for all other NFL markets. Like a true champion Corey fought through adversity at the start to come out victorious in dominating fashion. Philly you are lucky to have a man who can run, catch Super Bowl Winning touchdowns, and give you the weather like no one else can.