Sister Jean has come through in the clutch and won another game for the University of Loyola-Chicago aka Chicago’s Team, aka Casey’s chosen one. How she keeps delivering is unbelievable.

Now with that out of the way can we talk about how she is taking away from these kids. It’s not her fault I completely blame CBS and Turner for this angel that has gotten out of control. Yes she is a sweet ol lady and makes great tv when she is wheeled out onto the court and everyone at home immediately relates to her as their own Grandma. But she is robbing these basketball student athletes, for most likely all of them, their time to shine in the national spotlight and not to mention being the toast of the town in Chicago. No one is talking about the individual players not even here in the city of Chicago. Yes every person, team, and organization has officially jumped off of Northwestern’s bandwagn from last year and have wrapped their Loyola scarves around their neck and hopped into the shiny new Rambler’s wagon.

Yet name a player on the team, go ahead try without Google. Now that you have Googled the team would you have recognized any player if they had passed you on the street. No I didn’t think so and that is a damn shame. With the current state of Chicago sports these kids should be getting swarmed, ladies (and or gentlemen) lined up waiting to get a piece of these premiere great Chicago athletes. Yet Sister Jean who from all accounts has already led a pretty full life, is taking away this short period of time these young men have to capitalize on their time in the cities spotlight.

So this is me doing my part to help out the Men of Loyola basketball get their due. From now until at least Fall any Loyola basketball player in Chicago shall not wait in line at any club or bar, shall be showered with “let me get you a drink” offers once entered into said bar or club, and ladies (and or gentlemen) start lining up these are MVC Champions, Elight Eight participants, and if you believe in Casey they will be dancing in Atlanta at the Final Four.

Ps. I am probably going to hell now.