The moment I thought Tiger was Back!

I mean look at that shot from 44 feet out. Tiger looking good in his Sunday reds just charging the leaderboard.

Then walking up to 18 whole heartedly thought to myself, “self Tiger is going to birdie this whole send it to a play off and walk off this course a champion.” I was giddy with excitement. the whole day i had been flipping back and forth from conference tournament championship games to the Tiger Woods show, for some reason the commentators kept calling it the Valspar Championship, with anticipation for once again to have a Sunday where Tiger gives the Jordan victory fist pump, gets an old trophy and is interviewed to answer the question “ Are you back Tiger?”

Tigers approach to the green on 18 was not great but he was just building up the suspense, he wanted to make this the great Tiger “Im Back” moment and sick a 39 foot putt to force a playoff with that hack Paul Casey. I sat on the edge of the couch waiting to erupt in cellabration.

Damnit!!! What the hell was that. This is what it must of felt like to be a waitress at Perkins. I get all excited thinking Tiger was going to take me on a magical championship ride then he just leaves me short. Shame on me.